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Tacoma NACE August 2016 Meeting
How to Avoid Unpaid Consulting and What to Do About It
August 16, 2016
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Hotel RL Olympia
2300 Evergreen Park Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502

$40.00 NACE Tacoma Member
$45.00 after 5:00 pm August 12

$60.00 Guest Ticket
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$45.00 after 5:00 pm August 12

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$45.00 after 5:00 pm August 12

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Join us at the fabulously renvovated, newly remodeled and relaunched Hotel RL in Olympia, as we hear from speaker James Alberson of Sandler Training. 

You put a lot of work into your proposal, designs, and bids.  The last thing you want is for someone to use that information to do it themselves or get a lower price from a competitor.  Yet it continues to happen again and again.  Unpaid consulting seems to be one of those unavoidable aspects of the sales process for many whose field seems to require that they reveal the relative specifics of the approach that will be taken to get the job done, in order to secure the sale.  However, lawyers and doctors don’t normally find themselves in this position, so are you absolutely certain that you need to take such action in order to close the deal?  This talk discusses the specific process that should be used to eliminate your tendency towards free consulting, once and for all.


Our Venue: Hotel RL Olympia

Hotel RL is an experience of all things authentic, creative and curious. Locally inspired, we invite you to work, play, and pursue your passions.
Our story begins in the 19th century with the intrepid pioneers who left the comforts of home to embark upon a new adventure, and create new opportunities, in the west. Driven by curiosity and a fearless passion for discovery, they established a prosperous new way of life in the Pacific Northwest that flourishes today.
Though generations have come and gone, a genuine spirit of discovery and adventure still reigns supreme in the Pacific Northwest. It was in this same spirit we created Hotel RL, a new destination from Red Lion Hotels. Inspired by our region’s legacy of exploration, we welcome guests to an experience driven by discovery and infused with a sense of adventure and wonder.
Always looking forward and seeking out the unique, the thrill of exploration guides our approach to welcoming adventurers for an immersive encounter with local culture. A relaxed atmosphere, productive spaces that inspire creativity, and a welcoming staff make Hotel RL a nurturing place where guests can work, relax, and explore at their peak. Great coffee, healthy food options, and local accents ensure every journey is as comfortable as it is memorable.
We’re inspired by the chance to blaze a trail and go where other hotels won’t. We’re holding ourselves to a new standard of authenticity, giving our guests an experience they can’t have anywhere else. At Hotel RL, wonder inspires exploration and innovation. From the art we choose for our walls to our passion for sharing local treasures, a sense of discovery is evident in everything we do.
We know we’ll never discover it all, but we can keep trying. Journey forth with Hotel RL.
Our Speaker: James Alberson
Top Tier Training and Development, Inc. is a licensed Sandler Training center which specializes in sales force, front-line employee, and management development.  As a provider of top notch training in sales, customer service, leadership, and management,  we help individuals, small businesses, and corporations achieve all new levels of personal and professional success.  Just like in sports, raising performance levels takes training and commitment.  In addition to training, our customized assessments ensure that you have the right people in the right positions to maximize success.  We work only with individuals and organizations who are serious about ongoing performance level increases for either themselves or for their organizations.
An authorized licensee of Sandler Training, our long-term approach to sales and sales management training is unique. We offer public and customized private in-house sales training and sales management training, along with several other workshops and programs.  We offer more coaching support and reinforcement than any other company.  Given this, it should come as no surprise that Sandler Training has been voted the #1 Management Program and #1 Sales Training Program by Entrepreneur Magazine multiple times over the last 13 years (including 2013).
A recent Harvard Business School study determined that businesses which are considering engaging outsourced services have one major concern: will the service-provider really understand their business and the particular problems and challenges they face?  We overcome this concern with an intensive assessment session prior to beginning any work together which allows us to determine exactly what your needs are and to respond by suggesting training, seminars, and programs that are appropriate to those needs.  It is our job to fit your requirements - not to force you into fitting ours.  The Sandler Selling System teaches an honest, direct, business-like approach to selling that is at once comfortable, non-manipulative and dignified. Yet it remains incredibly powerful.
As the owner and president, James Alberson brings close to twenty years of sales, sales training, and sales management experience to the table.  Over the years, he's had the opportunity to work for both large corporations, such as Johnson & Johnson, and smaller start-up companies looking to establish themselves and make their mark.  Regardless of the environment, James has always proven himself to be a valuable asset, while garnering numerous awards along the way.  Beyond his personal success, he's also consistently been able to influence others to achieve their full potential for growth and success.   His passion has always been training and coaching and he brings a strong understanding of the importance of behavior, attitude and techniques in the selling system process.
Top Tier Training and Development, Inc. primarily services the greater Seattle and greater Tacoma areas, however we can work with clients anywhere in Washington State.  If you're ready to take your company or simply yourself to the top tier of business success, contact us at 206-805-8848 or james.alberson@sandler.com.
More details to come, but you can register now! And... 

James Alberson will create a special workshop for Tacoma and Seattle NACE members and their guests. It will be held Tuesday, August 23rd, at the Sandler Training location in Tukwila. Pricing and other details will be announced later.


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Pictures from our November meeting @ Gallucci's were provided by Rachelle Erickson Photography.  Be sure to check out the Gallery for other photos from past events.